7 Ways To Make An Awesome Website


You have decided that you really are due for a makeover. The old just doesn’t cut it anymore. Everyone else in your field looks a little bit better than you. No, I am not talking about your hair and makeup. I am talking about your website. The one you loved so many years ago, and now, let’s just say it’s time to change.

So you are ready to venture into the depths of code, HTML and other computer languages that look like R2D2 just wrote a love letter to his significant other right? Ok maybe your not, no big deal. Now if you want an amazingly boss website and don’t have the time to learn, no worries, we at Vineclick can make this happen. But it you want to take the bull by the horns, learning something that could very well change your life, then listen up folks. My goal in this little snippet of healthy bravado and fear conquering, is to equip you in making the website of your dreams. Yes, it takes work, and time, but ohh the gratification when it is done. I will be the first to tell you that you can do it! Even though it can be a daunting task, with some good advice and some stick–to–itiveness , it can be done. Which leads us to the first bit of advice.

1.Be Patient

I am not naturally a patient person. I want things done quickly, and done to perfection. You need to know that when you are learning how to make an awesome website, you must be patient. Patient with the computer, the platforms you are using(which I will go into later) and most importantly, be patient with yourself. Patience is a virtue and is a must in learning how to do great work on your site.

2.Don’t Freak Out

This might seem a little bit of juvenile advise but this could be the most important for you to hold on to throughout the whole process. If you can make decisions not based on fear or anxiousness, you will accomplish much more at a much quicker time period and keep your hair in the process. You must realize that everything you create in the virtual world can be made again, even if for some reason you forgot to plug in your laptop and lost the last 6 to 8 hours of work. I have done this many times in the beginning and almost took a baseball bat to my computer on a number of occasions. No need for bad energy. Just relax, gather your thoughts and move forward. It’s the same in life. Just get back up and be ready to fight another day.

3. Don’t Try To Keep Up With The Joneses

Many small business owners that do their own web creation, pick their competitions best and most compelling website and try to beat it. Little to their understanding, these websites sometimes cost their competitors tens of thousands of dollars, and have been done by people who have been doing websites for decades. If this is your first or second site, do not try and build a 35,000 dollar website, you will only fall short, leaving yourself discouraged. It is important to have good looking site, but just focus on building a user friendly, highly relevant site. Most of us when we bought our first or second house did not buy a 750,000 dollar house. Same with a car, just make sure your website looks good, and is practical. The bells and whistles will come later when you get a little more familiar with operating in the webspace.

4.Content Is King

This my dear business and entrepreneur friends, is probably the most important. I am a sucker for a flashy, crazy sick beautiful site just as the next guy is. But sometimes it is much better to not worry about all those flashy things and just write extremely engaging content. You must remember that the saying will always ring true as long as Google has something to say about it. Content is king…period. I know you have seen those ugly websites that rank high, but have high relevant content. Google still looks at content and relevant content for that matter, as one of the most defining factors in deciding who they prop up to the front page. But after saying that, please, do not copy someone else’s content. Writing new creative content is a great way to express yourself and engage your potential clients. 

5.Get Your Fonts Up To Date

There is nothing worse, ok, there are a lot of things worse, than having outdated fonts on your webpage. Your website is your baby. Make sure you put some cute clothes on it. Now that being said, there are many site that just look silly with to many different fonts. I would suggest not use more than 5 different fonts, from the header to the paragraph and so on.

6.What Website Builder Should I Use?

To anyone who has made it this far in the blog, I want to say congratulations. You are a serious visionary who truly wants a kick butt website. But what website CMS(content management system) should you use. I would like to say at this point that I am not being paid by any company to promote their services. So lets go into the different possibilities you have in choosing which platform to use in building your new awesome website. All of these platforms have pretty cool templates you can choose from, then customize. NOTE: Do not dig into the code at any time, unless you are seriously learned in the science of coding. It will make your website go sideways quick. Stay in whatever admin panel these platforms offer. I prefer WordPress. Google loves WordPress sites due to their clean code, and usability. There is a little bit of a learning curve however. If you are not used to using WordPress, and choose a great template that speaks to you, I would HIGHLY suggest having a professional install the template on your server and get it ready for you to customize it. This will definitely save you major headaches. If you are not worried about SEO(search engine optimization), and want something modern, I would suggest Squarespace. It is really cool if you are a band, or an artist just needing a beautiful website to showcase your work. Wix and Weebly are, in my opinion a very good choice if you are new to this arena of website design. I would not recommend them if you are looking to do a very professional site however. People can usually tell if they are done on these platforms. 

7.Leave It To The Pros.

Now, chances are if you’re a business owner, you probably don’t have the 20-50 hours a week to put into creating the website of your dreams. We get it. There are many great choices for web designers out there today, with a wide range of pricing. If you do choose this road, Vineclick can definitely help you. However if you do find that you have the time, energy, and the pioneering spirit to put into developing and designing your own website, we believe in you! Make sure you keep the coffeepot running.

Happy Journeys

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