Content Vs Backlinks – What is better for SEO?

Good Backlinks Are The Best Right?

The world of SEO is going crazy over backlinks. With the latest major Google updates, it is of the utmost importance to differentiate between the good, bad, and the ugly. Great backlinks are worth their weight in gold. Bad backlinks can potentially kill all your hopes and dreams of being found on the front page. Besides, we all have seen those ads on Google, trying to sell us these highly coveted backlinks.

So, are backlinks better than content? Should we be focusing our efforts on backlinks? Or should we focus our efforts on quality content? If we need both, how should we approach the issue?


Having pretty good content is not the new SEO, let me tell you straight up that great, incredible fresh and uber relevant content is the new SEO. The logic behind it is that by uploading super high quality content you create the opportunity through which people experience your website, producing natural backlinks. The old orthodox SEOs will call you crazy for doing this. By distributing more top of the line content you don’t just make more open doors from a straightforward point of view, you turn your content into an asset for the gathering of people: odds are they’ll distinguish you as the go-to place to get instructed or educated on their subjects of the particular subject you are writing about. Also, as you develop the measure of repeating readers, you reproduce the chances of third parties referencing your content greatly.

Great Backlinks and Great Content will always be important. But is crucial not to put the cart before the horse.


There is no denial about the importance of quality backlinks, but let’s concentrate on the question that’s on whom we should focus on first. The customer or the search engines. If you focus your energy on search engines first it will be apparent. Keyword stuffed content and forced crappy backlinks, well that’s just not good for business. You can increase your footprints by focusing on good content and perhaps most significantly by scaling it. The greater the number of pages means the greater number of indexed pages on Google. This doesn’t imply that just because you have indexed pages on Google that you will show up in the SERPS. However, the greater the number of pages with quality content, the greater the chances are that you will be found and recognized by people sharing or commenting on your content. Now consider what happens if you start link building without various pages on your site, you fundamentally don’t give a lot of choices for people to find association and back to. This infers you will constantly endeavor to get backlinks to your greeting page or thin website. By not having the great content you will limit the interest of your audience and even the backlinks cannot help you then.


In conclusion… yes, good backlinks are important, but in today’s world with so much competition, your best SEO efforts should be focused on good content. In short backlinks means nothing without good content. So write your little heart away on what you know and make sure to write it better ten times better than everyone else and good, relevant links will come.