How To Get Results With Internet Marketing

Is Your Internet Marketing Getting You Results

When was the last time you picked up that ancient text called the Yellow Pages to find a business? Probably not within the last few years. With everyone, their mom, and now their grandma looking online for a great place to eat, shop, and live, there is no getting around how important the internet, and being found on the internet is.

What used to be some cutting edge youth movement, that twelve year olds kids knew how to navigate through better than their schoolwork, is now how we live our lives. But what about those businesses who want to be found online and get a piece of that action. Unfortunately it isn’t that easy for them. Let’s be honest, when you search for “Indian Food Restaurants Kansas City” what comes up is not always what you are looking for. In fact, sometimes it is every other local restaurant other than the ones you want. So how do those businesses get in front of that target audience that is ever so desired. We will touch on this subject here.

Great Website, Ok…So What?

Just because you have an awesome website, and just because you have that type of product that people are searching for, doesn’t mean squat when it comes to putting your business on the front page of Google for those particular searches. Google looks at it’s front page of search engine results also known as SERPS, as its Main Street. In other words, they try to put the most relevant businesses on that front page so the user can be in the best possible position to find what they are looking for. Forgive me if you already are light years past this understanding, but so many companies believe that if their website is really good they will automatically be on the front page of the Google searches. The unfortunate reality is that this mentality is so far from the truth that it might hurt your feelings. So how do you get on that highly coveted front page search? With so many scam SEO companies out there, it really upsets me that many of these companies don’t deliver for their clients. Or even worse tell their clients that it will cost tens of thousands of dollars to get your desired results, then produce nothing. The truth is that with a little hard work and due diligence, it can be done. If you would like to hire us at Vineclick, that would be great, but if you want to do it on your own, that is cool too. 

It Is A Process Not An Event

One of the things that we at Vineclick want to emphasise, is that getting on the front page of Google’s searches is not an overnight event. Many different things go into this process. One thing to always consider is that the “natural and organic approach” is not just the best way, but absolutely the essential way to do SEO. Do not be scammed by people or companies telling you they can make it happen in just a matter of weeks or days. Do NOT BUY LINKS!  Listen to your gut, not your hopeful expectation in this area. Google moves very slow, and they do it for a reason. Your web presence is and should be looked at as a sustainable approach, not a jack in the bean stalk overnight approach. If you do the latter, then just be prepared for the worst case scenario when it happens. You do not want to be penalized by Google.

What Should I Do?

Ok guys. Here is the part of the movie that I tell you to hire us. But that is not the case here. You want to hire Vineclick for your SEO and Internet Marketing then by all means we can help make your web presence awesome. But I really want you to hear me when I say that “I would sincerely rather you hire ANY REPUTABLE SEO COMPANY, even my competition, than hire those shady liars who will not only jack your money but put you in terrible standing with Google.” Because I believe in what I am saying so much I am going to give you a list of companies that I KNOW FOR SURE ARE TRUSTWORTHY. Some might cost more than us, some might cost less. You might remember in my previous post, my story of being a small business owner and having absolutely zero confidence on who to hire for my SEO or marketing company. I would get three calls a day of companies from LA to India promising the sky. None of the ones companies that I hired, gave me the results I needed to survive, and in the process, I lost thousands of dollars. So I want to steer you from the bad and lead you to the good. Here are some good companies. – They are out of Chicago  

hudsonhorizons.comOut of the East Coast – Great SEO Company