How To Know If An SEO Company Is Legit?


Have you spent a ton of money on an SEO company and not seen any results? Or have you just started an SEO campaign and are having second thoughts about the company you just hired to “take you to the top”. Maybe you are just looking around and not sure on who you can trust. If any of these scenarios fit the mold, then you need to know that you are not alone.

SEO Is Serious Business

The truth of the matter is that most SEO companies are unfortunately not who they say they are. While many SEO companies are phenomenal, and deliver by doing great job of “white hatting it”. There are those bad apples that make it harder for the good ones. A good SEO company can execute one of the most needed marketing implementations in recent years, and do it with professionalism and creativity. But trying to decipher the good from the bad can be a daunting task. So if you are asking, who do I trust in SEO? I get it. That is why this blog exist. I want to help you stay clear of those seemingly, to good to be true, SEO piranhas and help you figure out how to know if an SEO company is legit.

“We Work For Google”

Most of us have received those automated calls with some annoying pre recorded pitch from a computerized voice telling us they “work with Google” or “they are from Google”. They sometimes say that “your Google listing is in jeopardy, and the matter is of urgent nature”. Well, I am here to say, that your Google listing is most likely fine other than just a little optimization if any at all. Now this is not to say that Google does not sometimes call. In fact, Google did call me once when I owned a small service based business many years back. I argued with the guy for a good two to three minutes on whether he really did work for Google. Long story short, he really did. After I realized he was legit I apologized, and the guy just laughed and said it happens all the time. Unfortunately, for every one call that really is from them, there are seventy-five to a hundred and fifty that aren’t, even though they say they are. Stay far away from these manipulative sales tactics and from the companies that do them. If they are going to deceive you up front, they will try and deceive you in the middle and in the end.


Promising a ton of backlinks might not just be what the doctor ordered. Poor Backlinks equal poor placement. With the new Penguin updates, the rules for what is web spam in regards to links, has changed drastically. We all know, whether SEO expert or not, that buying backlinks are a really bad idea. Well, I hope we all know that by now. Anyway, we also know that linking to really low quality and sometimes inappropriate sites can really harm your standing with the big G. But what about those highly coveted .edu links. Many SEO companies have been licking their chops for a bite of these links like a steak from Ruth’s Chris steakhouse? I recommend the porterhouse from that establishment for the record. Just like everyone else I used to think those links were superior, but are they really? The answer is…they were, but not so much now. They are selling these links just like any other link these days. Now that is not to say that all .gov or .edu links are sub par. If you can legitimately get your site linked to one of these sites that have prominence, and have high relatively, then you are doing great. But to just put up a spam blog response or have a link to some .edu site that has zero relevance, you are not getting any benefit at best, and are hurting yourself in the worse case scenario. Once again, DO NOT BUY ANY LINKS EVER! Even if some are .gov or .edu. Do not let an SEO company sell you on these links.


If an SEO company promises you the number one spot on Google, they are talking out their rear. We at Vineclick like to think we can do everything within our means to make that happen, but we will never promise this as a guarantee. There are over 400 factors that go into the algorithm of Google. Obviously, there are different attributes that are given more prominence in the search engine placement. But for an SEO company to guarantee this is not cool. I would highly recommend you run like the wind and do not look back. Especially if they promise this quickly. I am a trusting guy, I love a good sales pitch, I love to hear about great results, and I want to believe everyone. But like the saying says if it’s too good to be true…well, it probably is. The truth is that quality SEO takes time. It is a process, not an event. So remember that when you hear those people promising this or that in just one month, beware.


This part is really hard for me to wrap my mind around. But it happens. By hiring a bad SEO company, you can seriously damage years and years of potential sales for your business. Never to be found on Google again. Bad SEO companies have not reinvented the wheel in their schemes, merely perpetuated the hurt and pain, leaving a trail of destruction of businesses, usually small businesses, in their wake. Just like shady insurance companies, and fraudulent stock brokers, bad SEO’s take hard earned money from unsuspecting people. The difference with the bad SEO guys is that once your business breaks Google’s rules of operating a healthy SEO campaign, it could actually kill the business. So, is SEO a serious business? You better believe it. But make sure when you hire your SEO company, that you have done your due diligence.