IS SEO Dead?

At some point or the other we’ve all heard the line – “SEO is DEAD” from uninformed alarmists who mistake the advancement in technology for redundancy in processes and formulations used. They do not consider how the same processes can be, and are, in a constant cycle of improvement and change. Search Engine Optimization today may look completely different than it did even a couple of years ago, however to dismiss this tool as a method of the past is unfair.


A number of tactics that previously had fallen under the umbrella of a typical SEO process are at present no longer in use. There are many reasons behind their discontinuation some of which relate to reasons such as they never worked in the first place or still work but are in violation of Google’s given guidelines, similarly these reasons can at times be as simple as they just don’t work anymore.


It is important to understand however that at its core SEO is the art and science of making high quality content easier to find via online search engines. The focal point over here being ‘quality content’ which will help customers answer questions that to and informed decision regarding a purchase or something other business related outcome. Most of what Google has in place today are algorithm updates which are intended to reward good content and punish spam – a good enough reason in itself to validate the fact that SEO tools are still relevant. It may not always feel like it but believe it or not most of Google’s best practices for SEO are really designed to be on the end users side.


By definition, SEO is about an ongoing and comprehensive effort to improve the performance of your website’s content to be found both by search engines and customers using search engines. What better time is there for your useful content to be found than at the exact moment your customers need it? That’s the value search engine optimization brings to the online marketing mix. As long as people use search engines to find information and businesses that have content they want potential customers to see, there will be no worries of SEO going anywhere anytime soon. SO is SEO dead?  … the answer is a resounding no! It is still very relevant when done right, and will be around for years to come.