Really great blogs seem hard to come by these days. What distinguishes a good blog from a great one? With one recent count the internet currently has nearly over 3 million active blogs. These include various topics from important social economic discussion forums to current events to food and even the emotional ramblings of high school teenagers letting us know what they think is cool. The important point is that with so many blogs, how does one differentiate and become popular? What qualities will distinguish a blog from the massive congestion in the blogosphere? And the bottom line – What makes a great blog?

Passion Makes Perfect

In essence if your are passionate enough to research, write and express your views on a topic, that should be enough. But in reality, in this online world of ours that might not be the only antic you require.Your blog is your comfort zone and if text is the most important thing on your page, then the first thing that you need to worry about is how your text or your typography looks and feels to the reader. In this day and age however – you’ll find yourself lucky as with Thesis many of these settings are in built and are already handled out of the box. Don’t lose heart yet, if you don’t use Thesis no worries there are other tools as well out there.

What’s The Inspiration

When you run a blog it means you’re doing it for a reason. You either do it for the readers, the revenue to expect to bring in eventually or even in some cases reflection – Although the last is a bit farfetched. The likelihood of you doing it simply for financial reasons is the most common – which is perfectly okay. Serious blog writing take a ton of work and you should be compensated. So it might be useful to decide earlier on what is it exactly that you hope to gain out of blogging. If it is revenue then you should focus your energies towards using add tools or otherwise create streams.

In Conclusion

For the most part writing blogs should be a fun way of expressing oneself and try to get a discussion going on. Reflecting on your thinking and getting other like-minded people to comment on your work means you have something interesting to discuss. Similarly the fluency with which you produce to the point rich pieces is also important. All in all blogs are meant to get creative juice running. If you are successful in doing that, then great, You are on you way to writing a great blog.