In SEO Knowing What Not To Do Is Half The Battle

In the world of SEO, there are many contributing factors that can help distinguish you from the pack. We are all constantly learning and adapting accordingly to new methodologies and various Google algorithm updates. While there are many white hat methods that you can put into play and see those results in the SERPs start to sprout like beautiful spring flowers, there are also things that were cool last year with Google but are now a big no-no? Let’s get real here, no matter how much ahead of the curve you are, sometimes you can still be blindsided. With a simple update, you could find yourself visiting the land of gray area. Not a good place to be as an SEO if you ask me. 


1.Never buy links, no matter what! Tempting it might be with those blinking carnival pop-ups promising 5 to 500 .edu or .gov backlinks for $29…Stay away from this like the black plague! Unfortunately even reputable hosting and template services are offering to sell bulk links as some sort of “jump” or “SEO” plan. Take note, you have been warned.

2 Do not Keyword Stuff. Many people still do this and if you are one of those people, be prepared for a weaker ranking. It will happen sooner than later. 

2.Do not copy content directly or indirectly. Even rewriting an article can come back and haunt you like one of those nightmares you had when you were a kid. If you copy in any way, you will regret it. Be original.

3.Linkwheel stinkwheel. It ain’t happening, Just don’t.

4.Don’t make pages on your website that are hard to find. Make everything accessible and preferably able to be clicked on from your homepage.

5. Don’t make ridiculous long and hard to read URLs for your inner pages. Keep them clean, to the point and keyword friendly.

6. When it comes to outsourcing, never hire an SEO company unless they can show you at least a few quality results. Do not take someone’s word on how they are the best in the universe at all things internet marketing. 

7.Don’t start an SEO campaign without doing a real hardcore keyword assessment and analysis. I like to use Market Samurai as one of my go-to keyword tools. It is awesome for getting the keywords in order. Both exact match and long tail keywords.

8.Don’t pick keywords that are above your reach. Some of these companies like credit cards and national insurance companies spend millions of dollars to SEO for those keywords. Pick keywords that are obtainable. 

9.When it comes to local directories, putting your business info on thousands of them is the wrong way. The landscape has changed, Putting your site on a few, meaning 30-40 really good “local” directories is still ok. It’s just not good to overdo it on these directories. Manually doing three to four a day is where I have found the most success. Remember that SEO  is a marathon, not a sprint. 

10. Make sure not to put up a lame meta description. Even though your meta description does not count as an SEO ranking factor anymore, most people will not click on your page from the SERPs if your meta description doesn’t look congruent to what they are searching for. Also, make it enticing. 

11.Don’t use a crappy page title. Google now changes the page titles if it does not seem relevant to the search query.  

12. Make sure your content is easy to read and the font is clear. Sounds simple, but many bloggers and editors do not do this as much as they probably should.

13.If you do not see the results of your SEO efforts in a month or two, DO NOT QUIT AND LEAVE SHIP. Finish the plan you have and do not get impatient. I always tell my clients it is a process, not an event.

So there are just a handful of suggestions of what not to do in SEO. Hope this helps you save some time and effort in your SEO campaigns.