Why SEO Is The Best Form Of Marketing

Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Budget

For businesses that wish to successfully compete in the modern marketplace, search engine optimization is the best form of marketing and here is why.


Let’s be honest, the days of consumers heading to traditional storefronts to purchase items are becoming a thing of the past. Before new customers will even stop into a brick and mortar they usually check that particular business out online first. By now we should all consider that your online presence is your first real chance to win the customer and the sale. Look at your website as your virtual office and your office should be on Google’s main street if you want to succeed.

If your business does not utilize search engine optimization, then consumers are not able to even find your business, period. A website may look great, but unless you can utilize search engine optimization to speak to an intended audience directly, your website goes unnoticed and your business flounders. Even being on the second page is pretty much useless these days. Failure to fully optimize your business website means falling behind your competitors and losing potential customers.

Another reason why search engine optimization is awesome is because you are putting your brand in front of people who are actually looking for services or items you offer. I think we all are sick of seeing thousands of unwanted ads each day cluttering up our piece of mind. With local and organic search optimization, you are giving them what they want!

While some companies rely on sponsored paid search results to get their name out there, the consumer is becoming more and savvier and often ignores these results. Not only that, it can get very expensive, with no long lasting upwards placement of your site. Once your ad campaign is done, your site disappears. Relying on advertising is antiquated and a certain level of “ad blindness” has set in.

Did you know that nearly nine out of every ten consumers now uses a search engine to make their purchasing decisions? Of that nearly half of these consumers do not continue to search after they have seen the top three suggestions from a search engine? These statistics will only continue to rise, making the need for proper search engine optimization more pronounced in the coming years.

Google and other search engines are adjusting their algorithms on a consistent basis, with an eye towards providing a truly informative browsing experience. We predict that the vast majority of purchases are going to be made with the use of computers and smartphones as time goes on. Check out our blog next week for how to market to mobile users.

NOTE: Getting website traffic is a science and while companies used to have the ability to game the system by using black hat tactics, these are no longer allowed by any reputable search engine. Not only that, many of the old SEO tactics that were fine and dandy last year, are counted against you now. That is why it is very important to make sure that you hire a reputable SEO company.

This is why search engine optimization is the best form of marketing. Not only does a business save valuable advertising dollars, they are also able to let a well constructed, frequently updated website do their talking for them and gain customers on their own merits.